A wide range of geosynthetics from China​ erosion control products are available on today's market. Biodegradable control mattings are ideally suited for embankment erosion control.

The Erosion Problem
Rain water, surface water run-off and other adverse weather conditions can cause embankments to erode. Couple this with animal and foot traffic and landscaped areas and embankments can come under some heavy abuse to the upper soil layer. This in turn can affect the sub soil layers leading to more serious slope stability issues.

The Solution
Various geosynthetic mattings are available to help prevent erosion of the top layer of soil. However, one of the best solutions is to use a natural fibre mat. Products made from coir or straw can provide an ideal growing environment to enable the rapid establishment of vegetation. Arguably the best solution is that of a natural one. Grasses and plants provide a long term sustainable solution to erosion. The Synthetic Fiber and stems help to absorb rain water and slow down surface water run off whilst helping to limit the effect of trafficking. Sediment will be trapped by plants as well as reducing the pressure on silt traps and fin drains within surface water drainage systems.

Get To The Root Of Erosion Control
Under the surface the roots create a matrix to reinforce the topsoil and bind into the sub soil layer thus minimising the movement of soil particles which could lead to erosion.

Systems currently available on the UK market today:Covamat - Pre-seeded quilted mat made from straw/coir materials with enhanced growing mediums for rapid growth. Specialist seed mixtures such as wildflower mixes are available on request.Eromat - An un-seeded straw/coir matting ideally suited to highway or rail embankments. This product comes with the options of additional reinforced wire or fire proof treatment.Geojute- - Jute fibre matting suitable for short term erosion control.

Chlorinated Polypropylene - Suited to the control of water course embankments made from 100% high quality bristle, available in different weights.Erosion control products for slope stabilisation, car parking, water courses, housing and commercial applications are also widely available- including geomats, geotextiles, gabions and grass pavers.